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The colonizers of the country gradually moved westward and each time they conquered new lands, they’d soon put up new fences to protect them. Thus, along with the conquerors, the fences too moved westward. One day when a new fence was being erected somewhere in the heartland, an Indian whose land it originally was, came up to the conquerors and asked

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"Like you are fencing us off from our land, are you also going to fence off the sky"?
This story took place a long time ago in the United States of America and that Indian was in fact a Native American. The Native American tribes had innate wisdom, but succumbed to their colonizers. Our wisdom has been resilient and adaptable. So we didn’t succumb. Instead, a whole generation rose with the Mahatma and won us our freedom.

The next generation was conservative. Independent India was still being built. Parents were cautious with their children and risk taking was never thought about. Opportunities were cautiously grabbed and many never took it.Much of the middle-class either became engineers and doctors, and not engineers and not doctors. In a way, the mind was closed, and life was taken as it came.

Our current generation wholeheartedly flocks to a movie that captures well the mood of Confident, Creative India. The world order is fast changing. With India now an inseparable part of the global economy, companies and communities across the world want to understand her role as a partner, customer and competitor. Indian skills and knowledge are in demand, its companies are competing at the highest level, and its consumers demand global products and services.

The CII Leadership Summit has a simple mission. We wish to bring together people so that their ideas may link to other ideas, so that inspiration may lead to perspiration that may lead to productivity which may ultimately lead to success.

The summit will have case studies / speeches / presentations on Technology, Innovation, Design, Environment & Entertainment, Spirituality & Sports [TIDES] which will kindle the spark of difference in you in many ways by the Political Leaders who have defined a new vision for the country, CEO’s who have given India the status of an emerging super power; those who quit their white collar job overseas to follow their passion in an Indian village; a bus driver who feeds orphans everyday and those who inspired people around the world through their spiritual wisdom. This summit will make you say, "Yes, I can" or "Oops, I must have tried that this way".

We seek common people who dream to make it a reality; budding entrepreneurs whose dreams could take better shapes; people from the small-scale industries who think big, people from the large corporates who have innovative thoughts to share and youngsters who are seeking to establish their passion in any form.

We look forward to welcoming you for the leadership summit on "Making the Difference"; we hope that this topic becomes your identity in any career you undertake. Come, lets sit together to experience difference, because that’s the only way to be different.

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